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Current Starter Weapons

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Current Starter Weapons

Post by Norikoxkun on Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:09 pm

All The weapons that a character can start with are below they will probably be edited in the future to fit the RPG correctly:

Name: Basic Dagger
Type: Sword
Attributes: None
Found: Start with
Held by: Freelancer or Fither usually but any class may hold it.
Rarity: Not rare. Insanely common. It's given to you.
Guarded: No

like: Refer to picture, but if it's not good. Red hilt with a yellow
bottom. The hand guard thing (whatever it's called) is a brightish
green color. The blade is about 7" long.

Weapon History: Well, it's a dagger. They give it to you when you start. That's about it.

It's a common weapon that they give to beginners. It's not that sharp
because no one trusts inexperienced people with weapons. It's sharp
enough to hurt though.

Name: Basic Staff
Kind of Weapon: Staff
Attributes: None
Found: They give it to you
Rarity: Not Rare at all. Insanely common.
Wielded By: Nithem, Statiy, H.M.U. , Mandom
Guarded: No

Description: A plain wooden stick curved at the top. From the tip, there is a chain extending with a tiny gem at the end.

It's a weapon issued to beginners. They put a gem on the end of it to
make the beginners feel more magical. The has no powers, but raises
self esteem.

Extra: The gem on the end is actually a really tiny ruby, not big enough to be worth more than $0.05.

Name: Basic Bow
Attributes: None
Found: Given to you as a starting weapon
Rarity: None. Totally Common
Wielded By: Freelancer, Nithem
Guard: None

Description: A basic bow. made of wood except for the middle area. (The gray parts) Those are made of a light metal.

History: It's a bow given to beginners of archery.

The string is somewhat flexible as to not strain the wood and to
slightly reduce power as a safety precaution, it's only for beginners.
The string isn't tied very tightly as to teach how to tighten or string
a bow.

Name:Field Dagger
A common dagger usually given as a slight upgrade to a beginner’s dagger
Most classes can use these as a primary or secondary weapon
Field Daggers can be thrown with a good amount or accuracy hitting targets with a good amount of force as well.
These are not worth much and are commonly dropped by low class enemies
is a long dagger that has a flat blade on one side and a serrated edge
on the other. the blade itself about 9" or 22.8 cm. it has a 1 hand
handle that is wrapped with leather of grip

Name: Wooden Arrow
Attributes: None
Found: Given to you
Rarity: Not rare, given infinitely
Wielded By: All classes that wield a bow
Guarded: Not guarded

Description: Arrow is about 20" long and made of a darkish brown wood. There is a red feather on the bottom. No metal tip.

History: No history. Uhm... like a million years ago, a caveman carved an arrow out of wood and put a feather on the bottom.

Worth no money so people would just give it to you. It has almost no
strength being made of a somewhat weak wood and no metal tip.

Weapon name: Kunai
What kind of weapon: Throwing weapon
Attributes: A spell tag can be attached to make it explode on impact
Where the weapon is usually found: Found at stores and given to you from for missions if you are a shinobi
How rare would you say it is: no rare at all
What class usually wields it: Shinobis mostly but other classes can wield these as daggers
is it guarded and if so by what: N/A
Describe IN DETAIL what the weapon looks like: this is a dagger looking throwing weapon with a round weight on the end. the blade begins right after the handle and there is no guard just a thin leather lining the hanndle to give grip the weight on the end is empty as in it's just a circle with a hole in it. This hollowed weight makes it easy to spin on ones finger for special type of attacks
Weapons history if there is one: Made by aceint ninjas as one of the most efficent throwing weapons

Weapon name: Shuriken
What kind of weapon: Ex: Throwing weapon
Attributes: these can be thrown at high speeds able to pirce some armor
Where the weapon is usually found: shops and given on missions
How rare would you say it is: not rare at all
What class usually wields it: this is a shinobi only weapon
is it guarded and if so by what: N/A
Describe IN DETAIL what the weapon looks like: These comes in many styles but mostly either a 4 point or 5 point stars. These are usually grey or black and are consealed out of site for sneak attacks.
Weapons history if there is one: These were made for shinobi to have a very stealth long ranged weapon.

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