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Obtainable weapons

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Obtainable weapons

Post by Norikoxkun on Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:11 pm

These are weapons that can be obtained in the RPG they will probably be changed to fit the RPG correctly in the future:

Elemental Swords:

Sword of fire/ Phoenix
Sword if made of flames and can burn threw anything
Found deep in a cave only obtainable when in the possession of the orb of fire
There is only one of these swords
Any race can wield this weapon
it is guarded by the spirit of fire
sword has a hilt that is gold in color with a small gem on the end the
blade it self is a crimson red along with looking like a katana.

Sword of water/Water SpikeWater Spike

Sword is crystallized water with an edge sharper then any other
sword has the power to liquefy and extend but grows thinner as it grows
sword is found at the sea floor in a small cave guarded by the spirit
of water and the seal can only be broken with the orb of water
this is a one of a kind sword
this is long sword with a crystal blue blade with a silver handle

Sword of earth/Shattered earthShattered earth

Sword is pieced together from bits of bedrock
this sword as the power to summon pillars of stone
sword is hidden in a cavern deep in the earth where you need the orb of
earth to open the door then defeat the spirit of earth
the sword's
blade is cracked and shattered but is still held together it's handle
is made of heavy stone with a jewel bond to the bottom

The sword of wind/Roc of SkyRoc of Sky

The blade of this sword is barely visible with only the handle clearly seen
This sword is kept in the sky temple on the highest mountain
this sword is guarded by the spirit of wind and the orb of wind unlocks the seal for it
this is the only sword of wind there is
all races can wield the elemental weapons
the blade is clear and barely visible but has a slight purple tint to it as for the handle it is silver

elemental swords where created when the ancient races hungered for
power taking raw elements and magical hammers the forged the swords.
the spirits didn't like the greed they were created under so they took
them and sealed them for only one person to wield.

Name: Thief Staff
Attributes: Steals 1 gold every hit when fighting NPC.
Can be bought 700 gold at the staff shop. (Not sure what shop it will
be in I'll have to wait until shops and names of shops are made)
Wielded By: Nithems and Freelancers
Guarded by: Shop keeper

Made of some kind of yellow wood. Stuck in the bottom of it is an
emerald. Somewhere near the top are two rings made of emeralds floating
around it. On the top is a hand with black nails.

Created by a thief mage whose name is unknown. He used the weapon to
rob people. The thief was but to death for his mass crimes of murder
and robbery. His base was raided and everything he stole was returned
to the victims that weren't killed. The only thing left in his base was
blueprints for his staff. The staff was mass produced and made
available to the public. However, afraid that people would abuse it's
power, they lessened its power.

Extra: The emerald rings around
it have a spell on them to make them float. The other spell on them
makes the gold get stolen. The emerald on the bottom has no known use
or charm on it. But this version is the weakened so it might have. The
hand just represents stealing. The nails are black because the thief
mage had black nails.

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