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Pokemon-Rebirth I made this a year or two back I'm not in to pokemon much anymore also it's not finished

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Pokemon-Rebirth I made this a year or two back I'm not in to pokemon much anymore also it's not finished

Post by Norikoxkun on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:28 pm

Chapter 1 Living Hope

so… cold” the young man cried to himself in what to him felt like hell.
The freezing ice from what seemed like a crystal that he was dying
slowly in was numbing the mans fingers. He was trapped everything that
surrounded him was frozen he couldn’t move let alone breath. As more of
his body started to numb all he could do is cry to himself in his mind
“Where am I… someone help me” on that beet he managed to open his white
eyes to glare outside the frozen shell he was in only to see a battle.
“Why are they battling” he asked himself. There was two men outside the
frozen prison. The One on the right of them had a blue jacket with
buttons crawling down the middle of it and a symbol on the right top
corner of the front of it he also has crisp blue eyes and a angry and
sad face at the same time he had black hair down to his neck and baggy
black jeans that went down to his heel then the other man had a black
sweat shirt, black sweat pants a black cap on with a triangle on its
top and a smug look on his face with brown eyes glaring across the
battle field. There was also two pokemon glaring at one another as if
they were prepared to die to kill the other one. There was a Arcanine
on the right side of the battle field and a Crobat on the left side.
The Arcanine let out a deep cry as if it were about to die and at that
moment the man with the silky blue jacket screamed “extreme speed!” As
the order was said the Arcanine was gone and in a flash it was there
again swiping at the Crobat and knocked it across the room in to the
wall. The one with a black shirt then took out a ball with a red top
and a white bottom with a button right in the middle of it as he took
it out he pressed the button and aimed the ball at his fainted pokemon
and screamed “you useless piece of crap can’t you do anything I wish
you were died I hate you!” and then put the ball away. Then he started
to take out another one but before he could the master on the right
side of the field called out “I will not let you hurt our king you
filth. Arcanine flamethrower straight at the human” once it was said
the blood thirsty Arcanine jumped and flame started flowing out of his
mouth at the helpless human. Once the task was complete all that was
left of the man on the left side of the field was ashes and burnt silk.
The man in the blue button down jacket then turned to the young man in
the ice who has now passed out due to his blood streams freezing. The
man then started running with the Arcanine up to the frozen shell and
the man in the button down jacket started screaming “flamethrower, now
Arcanine” but the Aracanine was already using flamethrower. They kept
trying but no effect was taken to the frozen shard the young man was
trapped in. All the young man could think was “What is going on
someone… I need help please I’m going to die.” Then at that moment
everything froze and then moments later everything began to fade away
and all of the young mans surroundings went black all the man could
think was “What is going on I can breath again I am not cold am… I
dead?” As the room turned black, it turned white and a mystical creator
that has only been seen in books they called it Arcues. “What… are
you?” asked the young man. “It’s not your time child” demanded the
amazing being. As he said that everything started to turn black and he
appeared in the poor town of twinleaf town as a baby.

Chapter 2 A Dream?

I hate that dream” mutters the child as he woke up outside in his white
hoodie with black sleeves and a gray stripe across the right shoulder
to the left bottom and all the way around with a red silk scarf around
his neck that is loosely put there he also has dark blue baggy jeans
and piercing white eyes with muddy blond long hair down the sides of
the front of his head and trimmed through the middle he also had a
necklace around his neck with a shard that has always been cold, well
at least as long as he could remember it has been cold. “Norik!”
screamed another young child but he was running towards the child who
has recently woken up. The child had bright green eyes with a shine
coming from the edge of them, a smile no adult could ever attempt to
make, spiked brown hair he was a bit taller than the child who has just
woken up and he is wearing a dark green hoodie with light green squire
outlines going around it he also is wearing light blue jean shorts he
also wears glasses which he needs to see, but he pretended they were
sun glasses since they looked like sun glasses it was easy for him to
do so, he also has a pair of white shoes with a black stripe going
around the middle of it and the lasses tied neatly. “Norik, Norik!”
screamed the boy again trying to reach the other young boy he called
Norik. “What?!” asked the boy called Norik. “Today’s the day, I got my
pokemon from the professor remember we are 13 the age we can get our
first pokemon” screamed Dag while just reaching Norik. “Oh yeah can I
use your shower?” asked Norik. “No, no time we got to go!” Dag yelped
as he grabbed Norik’s wrist and started dragging him off to the
professor. Norik would’ve normally have been mad from Dag dragging him
off rite after he woke up but the excitement of getting his first
pokemon was overwhelming. As he was running with Dag to the professors
lab he couldn’t help but think that he usually had that dream where a
man is frozen and a creature comes to his save but he has never had it
so clear and he had never completed the dream before. Even more he was
thinking about what pokemon he was going to get since he was still a
child and was excited to train his first pokemon. Norik couldn’t help
but think of what pokemon he was going to get he always wanted a
Arcanine but he knew they weren’t giving that so maybe he would get a
Chimchar or a Piplup he talked about this to himself as Dag dragged him
off until they got to there destination. “What happened!” screamed Dag
while Norik just stood there in aw. There were fire trucks everywhere
along with smoke and dubrie. “The laboratory is on fire” screamed Dag
there was flames scattered all along them there where also corps of
pokemon and humans the blood was shining in the sun and out of the
flames of the building came running a fireman with a pokemon in his
arms “get this pokemon to the pokecenter stat” screamed the fireman but
the distraction of the hurt pokemon kept Dag and Norik from noticing
that they were trapped, the flames were surrounding them and they had
no place to go there was to much fire to jump and if they stayed there
they would be burned to crisps. As the fire started to get closer Norik
screamed “Someone help where going to die” while Dag was now in aw. At
that moment the pokemon in the fireman's arms opened its eyes with a
white glare coming from it. The hurt pokemon jumped out of the
fireman’s arms in to the air and was blinded by the shine of the sun.

Chapter 3 Hero

the flames drew closer to Norik and Dag the more heat against there
defenceless body there was. The tender flesh of a human could not
withstand the pressure from the flames. Dag couldn’t even think for he
was to amazed by the gentle flow of the red and blue flames that
surrounded them and was leading them to there doom. Norik continued to
scream for help but no one could hear his cries due to the piercing
sounds of the bricks and wood falling to the ground as the building
collapsed. “I don’t want to die” cried Norik and as the words were
spoken, out of the surrounding flames came a amazing beast with
delicate white paws and red fur with black stripes on his soft back and
a white fragile stomach with a curled up white tail following its
behind. The beast darted in to the middle of the flame with it’s eye’s
shut were Norik and Dag were standing and in a flash they were out.
They both stood there in aw only now they where standing outside the
flames looking down at there hero, a Growlithe. The Growlithe was
laying there moaning with a black scorched note in it’s mouth. Norik
bent down and tried to pick it up but the note was still hot from the
flames and his hand was burned and instinctively he pulled his hand
back. Norik then bent down and picked up the wounded, moaning Growlithe
and snuggled him in to his arms as if it were a sleeping baby. “Norik
we have to get out of here before the cops think we had anything to do
with this” exclaimed Dag. So they ran, they ran until they couldn’t run
anymore and ended up in the next area Jubilife City. “My mom, my dad… I
need to go back for them” exclaimed Dag. “We can’t it isn’t worth it we
will try to get to a phone and you can call them” answered Norik. “But
wait first we need to get this Growlithe to the pokemon center and
return it to the wild I don’t want to keep a pokemon that isn’t mine”
said Norik with the sleeping pokemon in his arms curled up against his
chest keeping Norik comfy and unafraid of what might happen. So as the
two partners started rushing to the pokemon center Norik kept on
telling the Growlithe to hang on until they finally got there.
“Hhhhhuuu hhhhhuuu I am tired” Dag whined out loud while Norik was
still running with the Growlithe tightly held in his arms as if it was
his own child on the verge of death. Norik tried to open the door… he
couldn’t it was locked and there was a sign on it saying “Busy due to
the hurt pokemon from the burning pokemon lab please come back later.”

Chapter 4 Dear Anonymous

Norik screamed so hard the vibrations of the sound made his throat
wounded while the Growlithe still asleep in his arms. “What!” yelped
Dag while trying to catch up with him. “We… we lost, he is going to
die” cried Norik “I thought I could save him” Norik exclaimed while
tears starting to crawl down his face the salty taste against his
tender lips made him noshes some of the tears dripped down off his face
down to the Growlithe’s fur then he fell on his knees with his head
down in to the pokemon’s soft and precious fur. “Hang on Norik there
must be another way” Dag demanded well franticly looking about. While
Norik was holding on to the hurt pokemon he squeezed the note out of
the Growlithe’s mouth and it dropped down to the mud where Norik’s
shoes were. Norik noticed the tickle of the paper driving down his leg
on to the ground and picked it up, once before he couldn’t touch it
because it was to hot but it now it has cooled down enough to read
Norik unwrapped the red ribbon holding it together and wiped the saliva
off of it then began to read it said

Dear anonymous

my name must remain anonymous due to “them” I don’t want to put myself
in danger so I’m sorry about that. I am happy that you have lived to be
13... again. Your former pokemon has disappeared but this is the
offspring of it. Please make your way to the next town I have left
hints to my location in every town please fined them all and come here.
I am sorry I can’t lead you straight here but I can’t let “them” know
were we are for if they knew they will fined us and kill us. The dreams
you have been having does mean something please pay attention to them.
And one more thing you are our only hope no one else can defeat them
please come and… be safe.

From your friend anonymous
To anonymous
Ps: Keep your necklace safe it is more important than your life!

Norik could conclude is that it was made for someone else even if it
talked about strange dreams and his now shining necklace but he was to
sad to care even so, he neatly stuffed it in his back pocket and looked
up to see if Dag has found any help. To his surprise there was a young
boy about a year older than them. He’s wearing a plain white short
sleeved collard shirt with a half red and half white backpack strapped
around him with a assortment of medicines in it along with a flute he
also had tight black jeans
with pokeballs sticking out of his back
pocket but attached to his pants by his belt he has plain white shoes
with short black socks that are barley seen, he has very pail skin with
brown gentle and caring eyes glaring at the Growlithe with a shine that
seemed to resemble that it will be okay and hope, the young man has
blue fallen/lazy hair with a long thin bang going down to his nose on
the middle right side of his face. “Norik I found a breeder who said he
could help he said his name was Yellow” Dag exclaimed with pride and
joy in every word spoken while the young man called Yellow observed the
hurt pokemon. Then suddenly he pulled his backpack over his shoulder
and began to search threw everything he owned until “There we go” said
Yellow while taking out a bottle labelled “Revive” “please feed this to
your pokemon” said Yellow and handed Norik the yellow bottle with a
strong smelling aroma coming from inside of it. “How can I trust you”
asked Norik. “Do you really have a choice” asked Yellow. “Fine” said
Norik while another tear fell from his gleaming eyes. Norik then opened
the Growlithe’s mouth which turned out to be very hard due to his
strong jaw the pokemon had but after a few second he began to open it
and pored it in to the moaning Growlithe’s saliva filled mouth and
after second the dog like pokemon opened his blue eyes and let out a
small yelp then fell back to sleep. “It didn’t work you tricked us!”
yelled Norik. “No it is just sleeping come on you can come to my house
it can relax there” explained Yellow. “Again how can we trust you”
demanded Norik. “Again do you really have a choice” Yellow asked
patently. “Norik we need somewhere to sleep tonight lets just go if he
tries anything we can take him out” exclaimed Dag. “Fine” Norik said
hoping he decided rightly. Then Dag reached down and helped Norik up
let’s go and they started off to Yellow’s house with Yellow leading the

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Re: Pokemon-Rebirth I made this a year or two back I'm not in to pokemon much anymore also it's not finished

Post by Norikoxkun on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:28 pm

Chapter 5 Finally a Brake

here this is my house” Yellow announced while going through a set of
keys. “Wow, there aren’t any buildings that big in Twinleaf” Dag said
in massive joy. The moon was rising while Norik pet the Growlithe which
Dag and Norik have saved in return of it saving them. It’s warm smooth
fur felt good against Norik’s cold hands. “There we go I found it”
Yellow said while picking out a key with his two finger then sticking
it in the door lock and twisting. “Let’s proceed we should be able to
get some good sleep in here” explained Yellow with frosted breath
coming out of his mouth. Norik looked down at the Growlithe with gentle
white eyes then looked up and proceeded following Yellow in to the
house. The house was beautiful there was maroon carpeting with two
couches made out of dark green silk and a fireplace in the middle that
looked like it would never stop burning there was a diamond light
coming down from the middle of the ceiling the walls were painted
cherry black with two doors carved in to each side of the room and two
windows facing them from the north side of the room that were bigger
than them. As they walked in Dag and Norik were in aw and Yellow acted
like as if it were normal. Yellow offered to take Dag and Norik’s
hoodies but they denied. “Well you two can sleep on to couch and your
Growlithe can sleep by the fireplace I am going to go upstairs and tell
my mother about the predicament and I am going to sleep. Tomorrow we
will go from there” explained Yellow. Norik and Dag agreed. Norik set
the warm pokemon next to the fireplace on a mat and laid down feeling
the smooth texture of the couch against his burnet skin hurt a bit but
the feeling of relaxing overwhelmed it. He had been through so much
that day there was no way he was going to let his suspicion of Yellow
keep him from going in to a new world, a dream world as he looked
around the room everything started to fade away then…. “You, it’s you
again! What are you!?” demanded Norik “I, I am a god” explained the
creature. “Why… is everything white?” asked Norik. “You are in my world
now” explained the creature named Arcues. “Why, why do I come here when
I sleep?” asked Norik. “That’s for you to fined out child now you must
wake up and remember I will be helping you” explained the being as
everything began to turn black. “ Cyndiquil jump then use ember and
follow it with a tackle” Yellow demanded. Norik woke up to the noise of
battle the sound of the hot ember rushing towards the Bronzong and the
cry of the Cynidquil. Dag’s standing up holding his Turtwig looking
down at it as if it where dead. Norik quickly jumped to his feet.
“Norik who are these people they say they want you?! Cynidquil dodge
the hypnoses by jumping to the right!” Yellow demanded. At that moment
the Cyndiquil just made it by listening to Yellow and dodged the
hypnoses. The whole building was burning down and the Growlithe was
standing up with a strong glare at the enemy. “I don’t know!” cried
Norik. At that moment the two men who seemed to have came smashing in
through the wall the windows were looked at Norik. “What, those men are
the people in the black clothing from my dream!” Norik thought. “So
your Norik nice to see you again. We went threw hell to fined you but
now you are ours” yelled the man on the right while the man on the left
was still battling with Yellow. “Bronzong just finish them all off use
Extrasensory” yelled the man on the left. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh” screamed
everyone but the two men standing behind the Bronzong laughing so hard
they where almost crying. The Bronzong shaking back in forth with it’s
eyes shut and the bashing noise coming from it. Norik, Dag, and Yellow
fell to the ground with there hand against there ears just hoping it
will end but it’s so painful they can’t even think the same thing was
happening to the pokemon that where happening to the humans only they
were crying because they couldn’t cover there ears . The noise was like
a thousand chalk boreds being scratched at once in a single room which
your in the middle of. Then… out of no where it stopped. “Fireball, use
fire blast on the Bronzong!” demanded a young man who looked like a
shadow falling from the sky due to it being midnight. Norik, Dag and
Yellow looked up as if a god was falling from the sky. “Who is that!?”
the man on the right asked as if his confused partner would know but
there was no reply.

Norikoxkun creator/owner of the website
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The Council

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