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What Magiy is!

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What Magiy is!

Post by Norikoxkun on Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:20 pm


Magiy is most similar to what we know as magic but in many ways it’s different. For example magic has no background usually, people just say that their character can create fire and that is considered magic. For example in a famous series called Harry Potter which I’m not in to myself but in that series the characters can create magic with no basses just a wand and a broom. So to understand what Magiy is you must understand the basses of magiy and that’s the reason I have decided to create this guide.

So let’s begin with the basics, the core of what magiy is. Magiy is the energy that all beings either living or inanimate-(like rocks) possess they use it to move, to breath, to speak, to think, to do all things that creates anything, including motion. The difference between all things magiy is that it has different patterns in which it moves. For example fire has very rapid and random pattern making it hard to manipulate but it does not take much to manipulate but earth has a very sturdy and straight pattern making it easy to manipulate but harder to use large amount. To add to that different magiy is included in to different things in different amounts like with fire and earth there is separated magiy in fire meaning there isn’t as much to control making it easier but there is more in rock because it’s clossed together making it harder to control large amounts.

Now there are people called sythers which are people who dedicate there live to learning the ways of the patterns in magiy making it so they can manipulate it with their own magiy. Meaning one can send certain amounts of magiy out of ones body and change the pattern making it so they can turn their magiy in to a different form which creates things like earth, water, wind, fire etc. But one can also make more than just elements and control things like the flow of time, the way others feel or see, and even create a whole being with much practice along with many different things. Depending on what they can create and what they study chooses there sub class which is usually just called a class even though the main class is called a sythers which I explained earlier. Beginners to the teaching of magiy can’t usually create there own magiy patterns but can fuse their magiy with another magiy which allows them to control that magiy. For example one can fuse their magiy with fire after learning it’s patterns and twist it, form it in to a ball, shoot it, whatever they feel like doing with that fire as long as they concentrate on their magiy being convined with the other magiy. To add on to all this one can not use their magiy to control another living being only because the magiy in another’s being is completely random and there is no pattern to it. But remember that the magiy that comes from the brain comes in patterns so one can attempted to change the magiy in ones brain to make whom ever this is being casted upon think or see differently but whom ever this is being casted upon can also change the magiy being sent to there brain to fix whatever is going on.

There are Six different types of magiy these are:
1.Illusion Magiy-Magiy that effects the brain and makes one think or feel differently.
2.Statis Magiy-Magiy that changes the condition of one mainly used for healing or poisoning.
3.Elemental Magiy-Magiy that controls any element.
4.Melee Magiy-Magiy that controls anything physical like how strong you may be.
5.Over Magiy-Magiy that controls things like time and opening dimensions also referred to as other.
6.God Magiy-Magiy that controls anything including others magiy.

Each of these are in the sub categories as I mentioned earlier and are also referred to as skills.

If you have any questions on magiy please post below and I will try to answer your question as well as I can other than that thanks for reading and I can’t wait to get this rpg up any suggestions would be great see ya!

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