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castle crashers characters/weapons/animals guide

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castle crashers characters/weapons/animals guide

Post by gracefullypsychotic on Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:12 pm


castle crashers wepon/animal/character guide

orange knight > fire demon > ninja
red knight > skeleton > bear
blue knight > indulstrialist > fencer
green knight > royal gaurd > saracen

to get alien hominid you must download the full version alien hominid HD and beat the first lv

beating barbarian boss > gray knight > stove face
beating kings arena > barbarian > beekeeper
beating thieves arena > theif > snakey
beating lava arena > cone head
beating peasant arena > peasant > civilian
beating ice arena > iceskimo > brute

DLC characters

gray knight with vizor up
wizard knight

to unlock a character you must play through the game you cannot skip to the last lv

(RT+Y) (RT+B) (RT+A) (effect)
orange knight: fire blast fire ball fire jump burns enemy
red knight: lightning lightning ball lightning jump shocks enemy
blue knight: ice shards ice shard ice jump freezes enemy
green knight: poison blast poison ball poison jump poisons enemy
gray knight: arrows bombs power jump bombs burn enemys
iceskimo: ice shards snow ball snow jump ice shards freeze enemys
brute: vines acorn vine jump no effect
theif: arrows knife power jump no effect
snakey: vines dagger vine jump no effect
barbarian: axes axe power jump no effect
beekeeper: bees bee oil jump no effect
skeleton: dark pillars dark ball dark jump no effect
bear: tournado air ball air jump cannot attack after tournado
conehead: arrows bomb power jump bombs burn enemys
stoveface: arrows bomb power jump bombs burn enemys
industrialist: saws saw oil jump no effect
fencer: saws saw oil jump no effect
fire demon: fire pillars fire ball fire jump burns enemys
ninja: smoke blast shuriken smoke jump no effect
peasant: arrows knives power jump no effect
civilian: arrows knives power jump no effect
royal guard: arrows bombs power jump no effect
saracen: sand tornado sand sand jump cannot attack after tournado
alien: laser blast laser U.F.O jump laser blast burns enemys

ANIMALS(info from game FAQs)

Mr Buddy - Home Castle - X Inside, Far left haystack
Sherbert - Animal Ark - Far left corner of Ark, by ceiling
Beholder - Animal Ark - Get Keyblade, attack locked door
Owlet - Forest Entrance - Right Before Exit, behind bushes
Seahorse - Thieves' Forest - By river after deer cutscene
Troll - Thieves' Forest - Bomb Wall after first Trolls
Hawkster - Tall Grass Field - Blow the Horn by Huts before Rammy
Rammy - Tall Grass Field - Kill Large Bear with Banner
Burly Bear - Tall Grass Field - Sandwhich the mountain, bomb wall
Bitey Bat - Pipistrello's Cave - Kill Bat Boss
Meowburt - Parade - Backtrack from Cyclops Fortress
Snoot - Cyclops Fortress - Bomb Cracked wall in first room
Cardinal - Industrial Castle - Top Floor, Kill Brute
Giraffey - Desert - Dig near pyramid bases in BG
Zebra - Desert Chase - Kill Saracen on Camel
Scratchpaw - Sandcastle Inter. - Bomb Cracked Wall
Install Ball- Alien Ship - After countdown; in wall past laser
Frogglet - Marsh - Dig halfway through first graveyard
Snailburt - Marsh - Near the Level's End
Chicken - Flooded Temple - X between two fish statues
Yeti - Snow World - Behind The Huts near second village
Bipolar bear- Snow World - Blow Horn Near Sign in second village

Shop only
Monkeyface - Church Store - Buy 750 Gold
Spiney - Volcano Store - Buy 680 Gold
Piggy - Swamp Store - Buy 585 Gold
Pazzo - Snow Store - Buy 750 Gold

WEAPONS(info from behemoths forum)
Pitchfork - Home Castle - First Haystack
Carrot - Home Castle - X By last outside Huts
Rusty Sword - Forest Entrance - Cardinal First Tree [Thieves]
Leaf - Forest Entrance - Second X; archer ambush
Vine - Thieves' Forest - Chest by Trolls
Wrapped Club- Thieves' Forest - Behind Pillar after Trolls
Tenderizer - Thieves' Forest - Chest by Swinging Thieves
Lobster - Tall Grass Fields - First X on Beach
Wrench - Tall Grass Fields - In beginning by Catapult
Umbrella - Tall Grass Fields - In Front of Rain Miniboss Hut
Fish - Tall Grass Fields - Sandwhich; inside last Mountain
Spiked Mace - Flower Fields - X After first bee wave
Bonesaw - Wedding Crash - X After top turkey table
Razor - Industrial Castle - Behind Bushes outside
Hook Sword - Industrial Castle - X after first big machine
Spike - Industrial Castle - Cardinal Near Prince at end
Sausage - Desert Chase - First X
Double Blade- Desert Chase - X After Cat Statue
CrecentBlade- Sand Castle Interior - On Roof, X Near end of level
Warhammer - Marsh - After Hut, behind top Graves
Fishing Rod - Marsh - Cardinal after Necromancer
Candlestick - Marsh - X After cemetary
Golden Sword- Marsh - Dig Behind 2 houses by knight
Spear - Medusa's Lair - Inside Statue after waterfall
Square Wave - Medusa's Lair - X between Backround Stairs
Buster Sword- Medusa's Lair - Kill Medusa
Silver Sword- Full Moon - First Hut
Keyblade - Full Moon - Cardinal near Second Floor Cottages
Chicken - Snow World - X by First houses
Steak - Ice Castle - Second Floor on wall
Frost Sword - Ice Castle - Hidden X before Boss room
Skeleton Leg- Snow Store - Hidden X Spot
Unicorn Horn- Wizard Castle Inter. - Kill Painter w/ Unicorn alive
Obsidian - Wizard Castle Inter. - Kill Necromancer
Boss Sword - Final Battle - Kill Wizard

Shop Only
Thin Sword - Castle Keep - Buy 32 Gold
Branch - Thieve's Store - Buy 65 Gold
Wooden Cane - Church Store - Buy 390 Gold
Wizards Wand- Church Store - Buy 415 Gold
Black Paddle- Volcano Store - Buy 340 Gold
BarbarianSwr- Swamp Village Store - Buy 445 Gold
Lance - Snow Store - Buy 500 Gold
Cleaver - Snow Store - Buy 575 Gold

Character Drops
BarbarianAxe- Barbarian War - Barbarians
Club - Tall Grass Field - Bears
Baseball Bat- Flowery Fields - Killer Beekeepers
Lightsaber - Wedding Crash - Coneheads
Morning Star- Lava World - Red Demon
Rapier - Industrial Castle - Fencing Knights
Blue Mace - Industrial Castle - Industrialists
Sai - Pirate Ship - Ninjas
Falchion - Sandcastle Roof - Saracens
Black Mace - Marsh - Skeletons
Green Mace - Marsh - Forest Knights
Harpoon - Snow World - Iceskimos
Red Rod - Wizard Castle Inter. - Wizard Mages
Two Pronged Sword- Unlock - Brute
Spoon - Unlock - Peasant
Alien Gun - Unlock - Alien Hominid

KINGS MACE(unknown only rumors please post any info you have on it)

rumor 1. letting the king get killed by the bees on flowery fields on insane mode (monkey face recommended)

rumor 2. viral

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Re: castle crashers characters/weapons/animals guide

Post by Norikoxkun on Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:17 pm

very good guide which I will probably use myself next time I start playing castle crashers again 200 credits earned. Also it was a tad confusing but I figured it out.

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Re: castle crashers characters/weapons/animals guide

Post by gracefullypsychotic on Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:19 pm

whooo! ya i did make it very confusing i tried 2 make it a lil better as i went down

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Age : 25
Favorite game type : turn base strategy
Credit Points : 200
Registration date : 2008-10-22

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Re: castle crashers characters/weapons/animals guide

Post by Sponsored content

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